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Who are we?

Equilibria is a company aiming to promote the power of evidence-based ideas and solutions generated through research and consultancy to overcome diverse world issues and challenges.

We have the expertise in designing tools to do the right thing, the right way at the right time, hence ensure a reliable and effective sustainability in all parts of the world. We also tailor and strategize our solutions to ensure the balance between nature and human impact and maintain the quality, standards at a certain required level or rate to allow a conducive environment where human beings live.

Equilibria was created in 2013 to put together a pool of leading researchers and consultants to contribute addressing pressing challenges and initiate positive change for the society. This pool of consultants and researchers has worked together in various research institutions, research projects and consultancies in different countries.

Our strengths come from our team and approach to bringing various stakeholders with different needs and interests to reach consensus.